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宁波麟杰汽配科技有限公司是一家由专业产品生产经验及专业产品技术经验的科技公司,公司注册资金 1000 万元。相关人员多年一直从事“汽车尿素喷射阀”的生产与研究,源于对品质的不懈追求及秉承为客户创造价值的使命,成立宁波麟杰汽配科技有限公司,以“汽车尿素喷射阀”为核心业务。

Ningbo Linjie Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company with professional product production experience and professional product technology experience. The company has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Relevant personnel have been engaged in the production and research of “automotive urea injection valve” for many years, stemming from the unremitting pursuit of quality and adhering to the mission of creating value for customers, Ningbo Linjie Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. was established, with “urea injection valve” as the core business.

“Producing products that reassure customers” is the mission of the company. The company requires all employees to take every detail of the product seriously, from paying attention to the production life cycle of the product to the market life cycle and service life cycle, and constantly benchmarking against international advanced product performance standards and quality. Guarantee standards, service standards. To ensure product performance while creating higher value for customers, manufacture at a lower price than international product suppliers.

“Becoming an enterprise that makes employees happy” as the company’s vision, cultivate positive values and social responsibility, advocate honesty and trustworthiness, devotion to work, pioneering and innovative and teamwork spirit, establish modern management concepts, and strengthen risk awareness and legal concepts. Making employees happy and reassuring customers is the direction of the company’s unremitting efforts and pursuits.

There is only one moat in the world, and it is entrepreneurs who keep innovating and keep creating long-term value insanely. Focusing on users and consumers, understanding the changing consumer and market demands, and the ability to continuously innovate and create value in the most efficient way and at the lowest cost is the real moat; “The stage is as big as the dream is”, What enables each employee to go further, in the final analysis, is the self-driving force and self-learning ability, the love and pursuit of the truth, and the sense of mission to continuously solve the social pain points.



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